Shark work rendering

Artist Biography

2021  Beverly Hills Art Show
2021  Art walk San Diego
2020  Art walk San Diego
2019  San Francisco Art Market
2019  Beverly Hills Art Show
2018  Pasadena Handicraft Art Exhibition
2018  Palm Springs Arts Festival
2018  Beverly Hills Art Show
2017  Beverly Hills Art Show
2016  Art angels gallery
2015  Art angels gallery
2014  “think the world” Modern Buddhist Art Exhibition “Xi’an Famen
           Red   Gate Gallery 2014 “flash show” Contemporary Art Exhibition
2014 “SURGE Art” Art Exhibition
2013  Chinese Art “boycott transgenic” Artists Exhibition
2013  “micro-migration” dialogue Tianjin Beitang Public Art Exhibition
           Red  Gate Gallery 2013 22th anniversary of “luminous body” Artists,
2013  “Hey look at” Artists
2013  Sanya International Art Exhibition
2012  “open skies” Chongqing Yangtze    
River  Department of Contemporary International Art Exhibition
2012  Sanlitun Wang space “Phantom of the Opera” Exhibition
2012  Beijing International Art Exhibition lighting device
2012  “Matrix memory” Beijing Art Exhibition Highlights
2012  Wuxi Contemporary Art Exhibition
2011  fate Gallery “products or Art” exhibition
2010  Art District Zhengyang complete “harmony accreditation” means work experiment works stereoscopic     image
2009  “Rush” series of paintings
2008  Finish “Rush” series of art projects
2008  “Rush” series of easel painting creation graduated from the 
2003  China and France Culture Year “Colorful China” Louvre catwalk
2002  Fashion show in Hamburg, Germany
2001  Hong Kong fashion show
1996  United States Embassy in China Fashion Design Exhibition
1997  Canadian Embassy in China CatwalkXi’an Academy of Fine Arts